Who we Serve

Pre-retirees & Retirees

Successful Gen X and Baby Boomers

  • Accumulators – generally have $500,000 or more saved
  • Socially conscious/evolved – have a broader vision of family, community, and world
  • Tend to be self-actualized or working towards it
  • Comfortable with technology and working virtually
  • By invite only. Referred by strategic alliance partner or existing client
  • Some exceptions made

Small Business Owners & Socialpreneurs Preparing For Retirement

Independent Therapist, Counselors & Coaches

Independent Housing Professionals: Mortgage brokers, realtors, skilled trades

  • Established businesses with consistent and growing cash flow – generally pay at least $20,000 in tax per year
  • Accumulators – generally have $500,000 or more saved
  • You are busy with your business and believe in collaborative outsourcing and leverage
  • Socially conscious – have a broader vision of family, community, and world
  • Comfortable with technology and working virtually
  • By invite only. Referred by strategic alliance partner or existing client
  • Some exceptions made

If you see yourself in these, you are probably a good fit

Our ideal client is an individual or couple seeking a long-term personal financial planning and wealth management relationship. You are ready to take control over your financial lives and recognize the need to outsource to qualified professionals so you can focus on what you most enjoy and do best.

  • You:
    • Recognize that just as it is easier to stay healthy than to get healthy, fiscal health and organization takes effort and time upfront, but in the long-term it pays off in reduced time, risks, costs and hassles.
    • Seek more than just “numbers” and value a more holistic approach.
    • Are a delegator and desire to use your time for other more enjoyable and rewarding endeavors.
    • Value the benefits of financial planning and appreciate the integration of advice and guidance as it related to your personal financial life goals. (Studies have shown that those who continuously collaborate with a Certified Financial PlannerTM professional have less anxiety, enjoy better health & well being and accumulate at least 3 times more capital than those who “go it alone”.)
    • Recognize the value of being informed and want to know what they need to know, and come to us because you have grown tired of the advisor who tells them what s/he thinks they want to hear so s/he can make a sale.
    • Value relationships and are not interested in wasting their time and energy chasing the absolute “best deal” of the day, week, month or year. Rather, you recognize the benefits of patience and consistency.
    • Recognize that true wealth requires realistic financial life goals and rarely do these goals require high risk in return for the potential of market beating returns. In fact, our Ideal Clients don’t want to beat the market. What they want is to achieve their goals in life and not feel stressed out about the markets or their money.
    • You appreciate the concept that true wealth is a great deal more than money.
    • Want a collaborative approach and values the idea of fractional family office approach which includes their insurance specialists, CPA attorney, mortgage specialist, business advisors/consultants, personal financial planner, and investment advisors and/or brokers.
    • Don’t have a mega-rich attitude. Our Ideal Clients worked hard and over the years established strong working relationships with their advisors (CFP®, CPA, JD and insurance specialists, etc.). In pre-retirement, they consistently spend less than they earn, save more than they need, and strive for balance in their lives.
    • Value transparency and a fiduciary standard of care. They recognize that a fair fee is one that is willingly paid and accepted with neither party losing gratitude. They also recognize that “TRUST and Peace of Mind” has a value and they can sleep well at night knowing that as a trusted fiduciary we hold their interests above our own. Our Ideal Clients will always have our best efforts on their behalf.
    • You are generally nice and see yourself as nice person and also prefer to work with those they enjoy. We believe that life is too short to work with people you do not enjoy