Financial Planning Services

The financial services we provide our clients are always independent, unbiased, and comprehensive. We’re a fiduciary without ties to a Bank, Wall St. firm or product-oriented company. Our only incentive is creating and managing financial and investment plans with our clients’ best interests at heart – one in which we can take into consideration all aspects of our clients’ lives when formulating recommendations.

To allow our clients to get the maximum attention they deserve, we do not work on an hourly or project basis. Instead, we believe that financial planning is so fundamental to the asset management process that we bundle the two solutions into an on-going, integrated package. We offer both financial planning and investment management for which we bill an on-going management fee based on a percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM). The minimum AUM is $500,000 by invite only. Some exceptions are occasionally made. See more about our services below and Who We Serve.

  • Private Client Solutions

    INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT: Looking for someone to manage your money? Do you have an old 403(b)/457 or 401(k) at an old job you need to do something about? Our investment management helps clients achieve growth, income, and liquidity needs as determined by their financial life plans.

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    HOLISTIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Want a clear financial roadmap? We offer comprehensive personal financial planning services which gives your money meaning and purpose that honors your life goals and values while finding practical solutions when challenges and opportunities arise.

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  • Institutional Solutions

    OUTSOURCED CIO (OCIO): Are you an organization looking for outside expertise to complement your internal board and HR staff? No longer a new concept, the OCIO model has become a way of life to many organizations, endowments, and foundations globally


    Your retirement plan program is more than a benefit – it instills confidence, ensures security, and represents the future. We provide the strategic advice and plans that will protect your business while helping you and your employees realize enhanced financial wellness.

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