Holistic Financial Planning

We believe everyone, regardless of their current financial status, net worth, or investable assets, deserves objective and personal advice that fits their unique goals & dreams.

Ongoing Advice and Accountability to Keep You on Track and Living a Life You Love.

Through big decisions and small, life and financial choices, it’s nice to have someone on your side – a confidant, a resource, and advocate. As a financial planning and coaching firm, we work with you to get your finances in shape and provide expert guidance along the way. We’ll continually set and accomplish goals, covering everything from cash flow, debts and saving, to investments, retirement, college, insurance and estate planning. 

We’ll also regularly chat about your goals, dreams and desires. 

Ready to make a complete career shift or move across the country? Great! 

Can’t wait to turn that hobby or side project into a business? Let’s do it!

Ready to stop living the life others expect you to and go after YOUR happiest life? Now is the time!

What’s Included & How we’ll work together

  • Your own Personal Financial Website which provides an easy way for us to collaborate and simplify your financial life. You will enjoy having all of your “stuff” in one place and updated daily, the ability to track spending and budgets, various workshops and educational resources, and a secure vault to store all of your important documents like wills, trusts, pictures, digital assets, tax returns, medical records, etc.
  • An initial analysis covering most every aspect of financial life
  • Periodic sessions (usually at least quarterly) to discuss different topics, review and update goals, review your financials, and set future plans We’ll talk regularly, with unlimited availability via email. Over time, we’ll cover topics including:
    Cash flow, budgeting, debts and saving
    Insurance: Home, life, disability, long-term, auto, business
    Investments: Short-term, long-term, diversification for risk and tax
    Retirement: Are you prepared? Do you need to save more, less and what else should you be doing?
    College: Can you afford it? Are you using the correct accounts & investments? What about Financial Aid?
    Estate planning: Living wills, powers of attorney, planning for digital assets
    Credit reports, charitable giving, travel rewards, and financial education
  • Ongoing education including client alerts, newsletters, and thought provoking reading assignments
  • Accountability & Actionable items with your personal planner and coach

You might not know where you want to begin, and that’s okay. We’ll start with a 60-90 minute call (phone or video) to chat about what you feel is working in your financial life, what isn’t, what areas you tend to avoid, and prior experiences working with financial professionals. 

But first, we always start by asking, “When are you happiest?” When are you living at your highest Level?


Because data, graphs, charts and questionnaires don’t have much meaning until we know what we’re working towards. It might be more time for your hobbies, a relationship or career change, or preparing for life’s many big events.

We’ll then begin tackling the most pressing items, usually only working on one or two things at a time.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

  • We’ll keep in touch and meet by email, phone, Skype or Google Hangout. If you are local or somewhere I travel, a meeting in person is an option too!
  • You must be comfortable doing most everything electronically: Video conferencing, e-payment, uploading documents, connecting accounts to our client website, and using various secure websites we may recommend for budgeting, debt payments, etc.
  • You don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy your happiest life.
  • Living at your highest level is not a one-time even; it is a dynamic, ongoing evolutionary process
  • Working on your financial-life goals doesn’t have to be tedious – we CAN have fun!


Know exactly what you are paying without the fear of hidden costs, product pushing, or upcharge. We are paid by you and only you for objective & actionable advice. No ulterior motives here!

Next Steps

If you’re ready to take control of your finances, with a financial planning coach by your side, you can schedule an appointment today If you’d like to chat first, we’d love to learn more about you and ensure we’re a good fit.